FunZone Stars – Get Easily Free ₹100 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon FunZone Stars Quiz Answers – Hi Guys, Hope you are enjoying our daily updates & posting of Amazon quiz answers. Recently, We have seen The Amazon Funzone Runs Quiz Answers & Now Amazon has launched similar contest. Amazon has started the ‘FunZone Stars‘ Contest in their Funzone section . As well as all users can Earn free Paytm cash without any investment.

Amazon FunZone Runs Quiz Answers

You can redeem 100 Stars for ₹10 Amazon pay balance , ₹250 Stars for ₹25 amazon pay balance , ₹50 amazon voucher is available for 500 Stars. You can redeem ₹100 , ₹500 & ₹1000 amazon Pay balance too Daily you can earn 10-20 Stars & on starting of new week , you can easily earn 50+ Stars easily. Follow below steps to earn Stars & redeem it for amazon pay balance.

How to play Amazon FunZone Stars –

1. First of all just update amazon app from Playstore

2. Now search ‘FunZone‘ in search bar of amazon app

3. FunZone page will open & you can see ‘FunZone Stars‘ Banner

4. There will be games like

  • Daily Jackpot
  • Daily Trivia Quiz
  • Weekly FunZone Jackpot
  • Weekly Quiz answers & win

5. On completing each game , you will be rewarded with Stars

6. Daily Jackpot & Daily Trivia games you can play daily & earn 10-20 Stars from that. Weekly FunZone Jackpot , weekly quiz answers & win are the weekly games. 
7. Follow below answers to complete this all tasks easily & earn Stars.

Amazon Daily Jackpot Quiz answers | 13th July 2022

Question – Inside Edge’ based on the world of cricket was the first __ original series in India in Hindi. Fill in the blanks

Answer is – Amazon

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz answers | 13th July 2022

Q1. Which institution has launched “Saa₹thi” – a mobile app on investor education


Q2. In January 2021, which Asian country launched its first-ever National Security Policy?


Q3. In which state did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the Saryu Canal National Project?


Q4. Name this animal which exhibits a rare characteristic among mammal


Q5. In the NBA each quarter of this game is of how many minutes?